A few words about Wisdom…by a modern day Guru.

“The greatest thing you can do to cultivate true wisdom is to practice the consciousness of the world as a dream.  If failure comes, say:  “It is a dream.”  Then shut off the thought of failure from your mind.  In the midst of negative conditions, practice “opposition” by  thinking and acting in a positive, constructive way. ”

-  Paramahansa Yogananda, Man’s Eternal Quest

Founder of Ranchi School for Boys & Yogoda Satsanga Society in India both est. 1917, and,  Self Realization Fellowship  est. 1920

1893-1952  Paramahansa Yogananda
bishnuportrait1903-1970 Bishnu Ghosh, Yogananda’s Brother, founder  Bishnu Ghosh’s College of Yoga and Physical Culture est.  1930
Yogini’s is dedicated to maintaining a clean, safe and open atmosphere while providing knowledgeable and professional instruction in traditional Hatha yoga techniques with origins in the Ghosh lineage
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